Address and contact


Office at McGill University:

Institute for Health and Social Policy
Charles Meredith House
Room B10
1130 Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Québec H3A 1A3

Directions: Take the first door immediately on your left when you enter Charles Meredith House (not Lady Meredith House). Go downstairs (through another door at the base of the stairs) to room B10.


Here's what happened to our last one, on 2012 Feb 4, 2:00 a.m.:

(Nouvelles françaises) and video.

We have a new place now; the address, though, is on a separate page.


You can reach me at .
Alternatively, I expect to read mail sent to me at for the rest of my life. My username is, there and usually, my four initials.
(I also have a permanent home page and contact info at

Telephone (and Video/Text conferencing)

Telephone: These numbers will "look" for me through the following means:
(Montreal, Canada)
COMPUTER DESK PHONE CELL VOICE-MAIL    N.B.: Altogether it might take >15 seconds to get to voice-mail.
2-oh-6-2-oh-3-735six (Seattle, USA)
From your computer:

SIP: open standard audio/video conferencing and telephony

Open standards audio/video conferencing: sip:ekiganet. There are two open standards (SIP and H.323) for computer-to-computer text/voice/video conferencing. Open source video chat software seamlessly handles both, and other protocols. Please give it a try, and/or switch! I use Ekiga (open source, open standards, multi-platform) or linphone at the moment. Register here (or several other places) for your free SIP address. You can also make calls to landlines and cell phones with Ekiga.

Google voice/etc: (not an open standard! but they intend to support SIP soon(?)): I use this most, recently. You need to contact me to get my id or plan a call.

I no longer use Skype (May 2011); sorry. Please make contact with me through Google Chat / Google Voice or an open source/open standards (SIP) client.